Moose's Lawn Care and Tree Service takes pride in the small job and a corporate property landscaping contract with like manner! There is no job too small and our staffing-on-call allows for Moose's to complete a large industrial or commercial property on the timeframe to compliment business operations.


We consider the needs of the client. Let us quote you today.


The entry way is our forte... select flowers, fauna, flora and accent coloring are used in all premium jobs.


Fertilize, seeding, bedding, aeration, edging, lawn sculpturing, and turf enhancements around the walkway or entry to your home, business, or gateway are our specialty.

Lawn and Mowing

Let the neighbors envy your green scene.

Weed control, sodding, seeding and irrigation controls will accent your lawn. Each property is different and we tailor our treatments to make your green scene the best in NWLA.